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Holiday collection (candle, perfume, spray)
Holiday collection (candle, perfume, spray)
Holiday collection (candle, perfume, spray)

Holiday collection (candle, perfume, spray)

This is for the Winter and Christmas/Holiday lovers dream. Here is a bundle of our Holiday collection.

These are limited edition

Ancient Ritual (Perfume)

Centuries have passed since this stately cathedral last hosted a congregation. Its practitioners' ways and values are now merely sources of speculation—puzzles that time has made impossible to solve. And yet, the smoke of burnt myrrh and frankincense still clings to the ancient plaster. If they could talk, would these walls tell us of past secrets? Or would they stay silent to a generation unappreciative of ritual?

Winter Solstice (Candle)
The daylight hours dwindle in the winter months, and the sun hangs ever lower in the sky. During these moments, you may wish for a candle like this to fill your home with the warm aroma of spice, fir, and pine. However, the choice to spare the wick from the flame is yours. If you feel you can stand it, there is an aching beauty to be found in the cold. 

Yuletide Spirits (spray)

The fire crackles as families clap their hands in time with music. Revelers eat fresh-picked berries and apple pie, toasting with full glasses of mulled wine as they wish each other a merry and prosperous new year. How tragic for this aroma to waft its way outside, where it fills the nostrils of those forgotten amongst the cold bricks and piling snow. 

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