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Memento Mori Perfume- (rose & nag champa)

Memento Mori Perfume- (rose & nag champa)

Limited Edition 


We are releasing our ever popular perfume oil Memento Mori for a cyber monday special. These will not be available anymore after monday the 26th.


- Memento Mori -

Life is beautiful, though perhaps only because it is so fleeting. Here, the sweetness of rose symbolizes the vibrancy of youth, while the nag champa is a reminder of the earth to which we will all return. May this scent provide you with the reminder to enjoy the moment, for who knows how long it will be until we each reach the end of our days. 


Featured notes: rose & nag champa (incense)  

10 ML glass bottles with stainless steel rollers. 

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